“I love the queue at the supermarket to haggle some coins for my launderette trip every Sunday"

Nobody, ever.

Increase Sales

With widespread adoption of contactless payment soon becoming the default, you cannot afford to miss giving your customers the option – increase your customer base by adding contactless.

Cross-promote your other services

Drycleaning, duvet cleaning, serviced laundry, collection & delivery – let your customers know what you offer by engaging with them through on-machine promotions

Instant notifications if something goes wrong

With an engineer call out costing over £150, just to track down the problem, wouldn't you rather know what's wrong immediately, with a database of known most likely issues to help diagnose the fault?

MonIOT – powered by connections

In a customer-centric world, you have to adapt to survive. By providing secure, efficient and simple solutions to your business, MonIOT can help you grow your revenue, strengthen your customer loyalty and offer exciting new services. We make connections where previously there was only lost data, so that we can revolutionise how you run your business.