Your Contactless Payment Solution

Retrofit Your Coin-Operated Launderette so Your Customers Can Pay by Card

Your customers love the convenience of paying by card, especially when they can do it all from one, easy to use, central Paystation for both washers and dryers.

Click below for more details on our contactless payment solution, designed and built in the South-West of England, and in use in launderettes across the region.

Your Contactless Payment Solution

Payments accepted by all modern contactless payment cards, as well as Google & Apple Pay

The MonIOT contactless payment solution for launderettes accepts payments by all standard cards, as well as Google and Apple Pay.

(But your customers can still pay by coin at the machines, should they prefer).

Your Contactless Payment Solution

Intuitive Touch Screen Interface Allows Customers to Purchase Their Washer or Dryer

Each Paystation can manage up to 20 machines, and customers make their orders via a very intuitive touch-screen, whether it's for a wash or dry.

Launderette owners can disable (or re-enable) public access to machines via our custom web-app, controllable via any modern smart phone.

Your Contactless Payment Solution

Monitor Your Paystation Remotely, in Real Time, Using our Custom Web App (works with any smartphone/tablet)

As well as having a dedicated, third-party portal for all your card payments, you can also use our dedicated staff web app to see real-time details of all your launderette machine usage, and search back for past transactions since you began to use our contactless payment solution for your launderette.

Your Contactless Payment Solution

Easily Download your last 28 day's of transactions, in PDF or CSV format

Your Staff web app provides you with a number of unique benefits, including the ability to download the last 28 days' of transaction totals, for easy import into your finance or accounting tools.

Other features of the Staff Web app include:

  • Create a custom welcome message on the Paystation
  • Adjust prices of machines
  • Remove machines from public use

...and much more besides. The staff web app is updated with new features tailored to our clients' feedback and needs. There really is no other contactless payments solution in the market which is dedicated to the launderette industry.

Helping you exceed your customers' expectations

MonIOT was founded on the belief that convenience, simplicity and control are the cornerstones to a great customer experience. Unlike many industries, the laundry sector is lagging behind in its embrace of advanced modern technologies.

Even the simple contactless payment system is a rarity, and for business owners a very expensive investment to make. MonIOT is going to change that, and the way you manage your business; putting you in control of all the data points you've never had, enabling you to make critical business decisions that will save you time and money.

Contactless Payments

Now almost ubiquitous on the high street, even a small launderette could expect to pay £8,000+ to install this system – until now.

Cross-promote your other services

Drycleaning, duvet cleaning, serviced laundry, collection & delivery - let your customers know what you offer by engaging with them through on-machine promotions

Saving Money Every Time

With market-leading competitive per-transaction fees, in most cases* the MonIOT system will be expected to save you more than the monthly cost of having all the data and control provided.

Increase Sales

With widespread adoption of contactless payment soon becoming the default, you cannot afford to miss giving your customers the option – increase your customer base by adding contactless.

“I love the queue at the supermarket to haggle some coins for my launderette trip every Sunday"

Nobody, ever.

Give Your Customers What They Want

With widespread adoption of contactless payment soon becoming the default, you cannot afford to miss giving your customers the option - increase your customer base by adding contactless.

Make Life Easier for Your Staff

With the staff login Paystation option, your staff can tap in a PIN, or swipe with a TAG for your service wash and dry orders.

No more time-consuming

"I had many customers asking about taking card payments, I just did not want to pay for so many card terminals. I was recommended the MonIOT system and it sounded perfect. The team has been very professional & my customers tell me how simple the Paystation is to use, and how convenient it is. There's no easy way to get coins near my launderette, and this solves that problem too!"

Lennie, Bath

"I try to stay up-to-date with technology and want to give my customers the best possible experience. The Paystation has given me the flexibility to offer card payments, but also keep the my regulars happy by keeping the coin mechs available in all my machines"

Steve, Bristol

"I am not at the launderette every day and, although I absolutely trust my current staff members, it's a big relief to know that I can now be the only one that needs access to the coin boxes. My staff can effortlessly start machines for service washes, and my customers have also been incredibly positive about the contactless options. It will also substantially reduce the chance of vandals trying to steal coins, as contactless payments are now in the majority"

Nick, Taunton

MonIOT - powered by connections

In a customer-centric world, you have to adapt to survive. By providing secure, efficient and simple solutions to your business, MonIOT can help you grow your revenue, strengthen your customer loyalty and offer exciting new services. We make connections where previously there was only lost data, so that we can revolutionise how you run your business.

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