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MonIOT was founded on the belief that convenience, simplicity and control are the cornerstones to a great customer experience. Unlike many industries, the laundry sector is lagging behind in its embrace of advanced modern technologies.

Even the simple contactless payment system is a rarity, and for business owners a very expensive investment to make. MonIOT is going to change that, and the way you manage your business; putting you in control of all the data points you've never had, enabling you to make critical business decisions that will save you time and money.

Contactless Payments

Now almost ubiquitous on the high street, even a small launderette could expect to pay £8,000+ to install this system - until now.

Cross-promote your other services

Drycleaning, duvet cleaning, serviced laundry, collection & delivery – let your customers know what you offer by engaging with them through on-machine promotions

Saving Money Every Time

With market-leading competitive per-transaction fees, in most cases* the MonIOT system will be expected to save you more than the monthly cost of having all the data and control provided.

Increase Sales

With widespread adoption of contactless payment soon becoming the default, you cannot afford to miss giving your customers the option – increase your customer base by adding contactless.

The Founders

Meet the people behind MonIOT Ltd

David Magnus

David's background in running a successful local family-based launderette in Bristol gave him the idea to develop a contactless payment solution that was easy to use for both staff and customers.

Jason Payne

Jason has been maintaining, installing and repairing commercial laundry equipment for over 15 years, and this experience, along with a meticulous attention to detail, have both been key to developing a reliable contactless payment system that can be retrofitted to any equipment.

Dez Futak

Dez's background in Physics and IT, and his experience of putting a remote controlled telescope on the internet have been invaluable in helping him create both the software platform and the customer touch screen interface that are a key part of our contactless payment system for launderettes.


“I love the queue at the supermarket to haggle some coins for my launderette trip every Sunday"

Nobody, ever.

Contactless Payment Systems for Launderettes | MonIOT Ltd

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